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Dawah & Education Department

One of the most important aspects of WAMY's activities is the Dawah & Educational Activities. It conducts Youth Development Programs, Workshops, Counseling Programs, Awareness Programs, Sports etc. These programs are prepared for all the aspect of the community especially for the youth and the students.

WAMY provides an opportunity particularly to youngsters to work together for a common cause. Through these programs we desire to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually to go ahead as the leaders of the future.

WAMY is engaged in upgrading the teaching skills of the teachers by enlightening them with the knowledge and application of teaching tools, updated methods, child psychology, communication skills and other resources through these programs.


Step (1):- Planning

The in-charge of  Dawah & Education Department and the in-charge of Female Activities Department will sit together with the members of both departments to prepare the proposals of educational and cultural programs annually with the field studies and prepare an annual calendar of implementing the approved programs as well as prepare them in monthly basis.

The departments will study the proposals submitted by organizations, institutions and schools for conducting the programs. To gain more details on the particular program it will send the standard program proposal form to the related organization.

With the approval of Administrative Council signed by the Country Director, the annual proposal of the programs will be send to the Supervising office in Dammam.

Step (2):- Implementing:

The department will set up a team to make program schedule, subjects, lecture panel, logistical work etc. and implement the program according to the approved schedule. And the team will follow up the implementation.

Step (3):- Evaluating

Evaluation forms will be distributed among the participants of the program to evaluate the success or failure. And separate evaluation forms will be distributed to the implementing team to evaluate the process of the program.

Step (4):- Reporting

Finally the department will submit completed report, photos with videos, hand outs to the management and the financial report to the accountant. And update the data of implementation of the program in "Access" program of the department.