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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Construction Department

WAMY is implementing the construction of Masjids, Islamic Centers, Toilets, Wazu Khanas, digging the deep and shallow Tube wells.



Step(1):- Preparing the proposals

The Construction Department will study the requests submitted to WAMY to construct or renovate the Masjid, Islamic Center and Wazu Khanas and to dig Tube wells. It will complete all required document with the application then make a field visit to the place to study the necessity. The proposal will be send to the Supervising office in Dammam for final approval.

Step (2):- Constructing

After receiving the final approval, the Construction Department will prepare an engineering design and required documents. The department will also make an agreement with the related body to build or dig.

Step (3) Field visit

The Construction Department will make four (4) field visits while the Masjid or Islamic Center is under construction and one field visit to the well or Wazu Khana. During the field visit the officer in-charge of the department will make the record of the progress of construction work.


Step (4):- Report

The construction will prepare the reports on each and every stage of construction work in approved format, and will send to the concerned authorities.