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Orphan Programs

Orphan Department

The importance of education is not asserted enough today in the Muslim community. Youths are the pillars of any community and their potentialities are boundless. Therefore WAMY supports and assists them to achieve their goals. The organization indeed makes efforts at its best to fulfill their aspirations by offering assistants to the orphans with the aim of turning them as the human resource of the society so that to serve the nation.

To achieve this wealthy aim, WAMY conduct several programs to uplift the educational level of the orphans. And follow them up to be potential, ethical and dynamic youth in the society by appointing supervisors and teachers to observe and develop the orphans. And it cares them on ways of living hood, education and health.


Step (1):- Study

The Orphan Caring Department will make necessary studies on the submitted documents to confirm the statues, situation and eligibility of the orphan to receive the assistance accordance of the conditions to care. And will make field study if required. After completing the required documents the department will send them to the supervising office in Dammam for approval.

Step (2):- Caring

The department will care the orphan according the rules and regulation. And provide monthly allowance for their livelihood and make arrangement for education and health with the help of supervisors and teachers.

Step (3):- Programs for Orphans

The Orphan Department will prepare annual proposal for educational and cultural programs for orphans. And make annual calendar to conduct approved programs. It will plan, implement, and evaluate these programs to develop the skill. And make field visit to each orphan to study the improvement and development and a special medical program will be conducted to indentify the health condition for the orphan.

Step (4):- Following up the supervisors and teachers

The Orphan Department will follow up the supervisors and teachers according to the system and using formats to study their services. Specially conduct several training programs for appointed supervisors and teachers to meet their duties in a best way.

Step (5):- Reporting

The orphan department will prepare and send the annual report of each and every orphan containing the level of study, health condition, moral development and other achievements with attaching the proper documents of certificate and photograph. The department will also update these details in "Access" program.



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